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Awaken Anti-Aging Hawaiin Tan


Full body $60
Half body $33
Face only $23

Kahari Rapid Tan


Ocean Drive / Full body $77
Lincoln Road / Half body $38
Miami Glow / Face only $23

*Disclaimer:  Kahari Rapid Tan professional sunless tanning solution contains walnut shell extract, macadamia nut oil, & safflower seed oil.  DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO NUTS.

Airbrush Spray Tan Specials


Offer Price
Buy 3 get 1 free (Awaken)$180    (Kahari)$231
Brazilian Bombshell Package (Awaken/Hawaiin)$105     (Kahari)$125
Color Customization (Awaken Only) $5 Addition
Unlimited membership

Awaken: 1 month- $156

                 3 month- $138/month

                 6 months- $120/month

Kahari: 1 month- $200

               3 months- $177/month

                6 months- $155/month

We proudly offer Kahuna Bay sunless tanning solutions!

Kahuna bay sunless airbrush spray tan solution is made with the finest natural and organic ingredients.  It is paraben free, cruelty free, and made in the USA!  We currently offer the Awaken: Anti-aging solution in Original and Extra Dark, and the Kahari Rapid Tan.  Awaken original is a 7% DHA, extra dark is 11% DHA, and Kahari is a fast-developing tan that gives you color in as little as an hour, depending on your tan preference.

Awaken: Anti-Aging sunless tan solution is a new, fresh scented anti-aging formula which was developed to give you a flawless, even fading spray tan.  Kahuna Bay Tan has a reputation for producing excellent sunless tanning solutions that are both beneficial to your skin and provide impressive consistent results. Awaken is one of their newest, but most popular formulas and it is no different with its results.  It was designed by Kahuna Bay to not only provide their typical exceptional spray tans, but also to promote youthful healthy skin repair by utilizing cutting edge technologies. These include advanced moisturizing and skin care benefits, their newest powerful anti-aging complex Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, and natural aloe vera extracts that combine to help minimize skin aging and help repair dry skin. It applies to your skin like silk, leaving you feeling hydrated and youthful.

                -Anti-aging properties for healthier skin with a more youthful appearance.

                -Repairs dry, damaged skin.

                -Smooth application, making you feel like you had a full body treatment.

                -Fresh scented!

The Kahari Rapid Tan combines the best individual components of Kahuna Bay’s bestselling solutions, paired with a deeper instant tint. The result is a product that targets the individual who has been looking for rich but deep color with the chocolate tone that can counterbalance the typical DHA bronze color. (That means no unnatural orange tones!)  Kahari rapid tan solution is a dual color product, integrating dark level instant color bronzers with dihydroxyacetone (DHA) for a brilliant combination of color and durability. This 4–5-hour spray tan solution that is the ultimate convenience for clients on the go. Shower in 4 hours to obtain a light tan , 6-7 hours for a medium tan , and 8+ hours for a darker tan.  The base of this product is aloe vera juice, which is rich in antioxidants and is a natural moisturizer, helping to both protect and heal the skin. Green & White Tea extracts also provide protection and antioxidants, boosting immune function and providing some anti-aging benefits. A wealth of vitamins and amino acids, help to support the skins overall health.

                -Kahari goes on your skin feeling warm.

                -Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

                -Helps support your skins’ overall health.

                -Has included anti-aging properties.

About Kahuna Bay Tan:

The Kahuna Bay Tan company was co-founded by a Melanoma Cancer Survivor and Supporter of Melanoma Research. So you know their products are based on the principals and integrity to support and promote Melanoma Awareness worldwide. “Throughout our Company, the passion for Melanoma Cancer Awareness runs deep in every employee,” say the folks over at Kahuna. “All Kahuna Bay solutions are made fresh for your order.”

This is why some customers say they are “Mercedes Benz of Tanning Products”

So far, Kahuna Bay Tan products have been featured on: AMERICA NOW, various beauty magazines, TV shows, blogs, News Papers, while over 20,000 salons worldwide are currently using Kahuna Bay Products.

Kahuna Bay Tan products are also used by Mrs. and Ms. America Contestants, Famous Models, ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC Correspondents… National Body Building Competitions, Many A-list Celebrities, Salons, Spas, Dermatology Clinics, Resorts, and Mobile Tanning Companies Worldwide.


Q: What should I do before my Spray tan

A: Exfoliate dry, dead skin from your body and moisturize (up to 4 hours prior to service).

Q: How long does your Spray tan last?

A: 1-2 weeks.  Stay hydrated and moisturize to help extend your tan!

Q: When can I shower after?

A: For the Awaken: custom airbrush spray tan, 6-8hrs minimum.  For the Kahari: Rapid Tan, 4-5hrs for a light, warm and natural tan; 6-7hrs for a medium tan; 8+hrs for a dark, Summer tan!

Q: What do I wear?

A: It is important to wear loose fitting clothes for after your tan, and preferably shoes that won’t compress your feet.  Feel free to wear any undergarments you desire during your spray tan.  Keep in mind, undergarments left off should stay off for 1-2hrs post spray tan for best results.

Q: I’m pregnant/breast feeding… is it safe to get a spray tan?

A: Absolutely!  Kahuna Bay sunless airbrush spray tan solutions are paraben free and made with organic, natural ingredients so you stay safe and so will your baby!