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COVID-19 and South Beach Wax


As always, South Beach Wax takes hygiene and safety very seriously.

While we continue to follow applicable occupational health and safety regulations every day, we’ve also boosted our sanitation procedures by placing extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our guests and associates.

South Beach Wax’s rigorous sanitation and cleaning measures have always included:

  • New gloves are used for every guest
  • All tweezers and tools are soaked in disinfectant
  • Wax beds are sanitized with disinfecting wipes after each guest and new bed paper is pulled for each guest
  • Waxing sticks are never double-dipped and the large stir stick is disposed of after each guest
  • Brow brushes and spoolies are disposed of after each guest

Additionally, we have added more health & safety commitments to further protect our guests:

  • Enhanced industry-leading cleaning and sanitization standards through COVID-19 sanitation certificate
  • Wax Specialists equipped with single-use masks & face shields for select face services
  • Additional, frequent deep cleaning of high-frequency touchpoints
  • Elimination of product testers and non-essential items in center
  • Additional trainings and sanitation trainings for associates and wax specialists
  • Social distancing standing squares
  • Discontinued hand shaking and other non-essential contact


The answers to your frequently asked questions

Will my series expire?

To help in these trying times, we have evaluated our series policy and determined to add additional time on each series that may have been impacted due to the closure.

Am I required to wear a facial covering?

Yes. We follow the state guidelines and take your health very seriously. All clients will be required to wear a facial covering or mask. If you do not have one, they are available for purchase.

Can I bring my children or guests to my appointment?

As an additional safety measure, we have decided to close our waiting areas and limit the number of guests in the treatment rooms. With that being said, we will not allow children or guests to accompany you during appointments. Please make arrangements before coming.